art-mindset workshops

Art-Mindset Methodology is the activity that teaches us the ways the mind works, in the fields of innovation, creativity, art education and personal development.    These workshops can be taught on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group and can be incorporated in larger learning programmes (such as, summer schools, conferences, training programmes etc).

The workshops cover activities that can improve awareness and identity, art skills and potential creative thinking. They are the outcome of a merger of my two areas of specialism: creative thinking and innovation in art and design and yoga, mindfulness and life coaching. I believe that art and innovation have the ability to inspire people to see things from a different perspective, just like yoga, mindfulness and life coaching. They can stimulate the brain and encourage positive actions in our lives. 

Often people look at things, and rarely see what they are looking at. The Art-Mindset Workshops train you to use a part of the brain that focuses on your patterns, enabling you to see them differently and convert them to form better solutions, creative thoughts and innovative thinking. 

My goal is to assist creative people as well as any creative development process to understand and see for themselves that there are practically no barriers in the ways we can improve how the mind works. 


Topics Covered

- The meaning of Art-Mindset Methodology 
- Discover how you can set research of a new vision
- Innovation and researching
- Critical and creative thinking
- All about our patterns (suppositions/ expectations/ judgments) 
- Apply the 3 phases of action in any circumstances 
- The connexion between Art and Meditation 
- Stimulate through the 5 senses, the brain, and encourage positive actions
- Set the 3C’s (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity)
- S.O.C. method (Subject, Object, Circumstance)
- Practice concluded 

Who is Art-Mindset Methodology (online short workshop) for

This methodology is ideal for any creative person who wants to figure out how they can use the external world to create a well-adjusted and innovative integral identity for their professional skills, while staying true to their creative and artistic self. This is where the worlds of creative thinking and interpersonal skills overlap.

The Art-Mindset Methodology has 3 elements presented over 3 days online sessions with approximately 2hours each:

1st day / Start developing an Art-Mindset vision: discover how to develop an Art-Mindset vision, how to set research of a new vision and creative thinking, and how to identify and understand our patterns.

2nd day / Manage the overwhelming distraction of your mind: learn on how our actions work, or how our brain processes them. The meaning of getting into the experience of raising your senses, in order to build actions that remain alive and clear for now and for your future.

3rd day / Apply Art-Mindset Methodology: learn to focus on what you know to do best, and what you need to do for your artwork, projects, goals, and most important how to concentrate on yourself with entirely confidence. 

By the end of these sessions you should have learnt how to apply the results of your practice on your art skills, on your product and project development, and above all, on how to set up your mental wellbeing by an Art-Mindset way of living.



I liked the workshops, because it showed me to actively engage, for the first time, my body and senses in the creative process. I was really into it, because it found words, methods and ways of thinking to tackle the frustrations that all creatives face.

At the beginning I was a bit sceptical about the theories presented, however, as soon as we talked about examples and did some exercises, it was easier for me to understand.

I would highly recommend this methodology to my fellow students, because we learn a lot from Dimitris lectures and at the same time, he helped us to take some time to mindfully reflect on the gained skills and experience and see it in relation to what you want to do. This workshop give you the methods for doing so. 


I really enjoyed the practical activities since they work successfully with the topics of what I needed.

I would definitely recommend Dimitris Art-Mindset workshops, as it was intensive for my artistic goals and way to see the approach.


Meditating on colours and the five senses it opened a new realm of meditation to me.


Art tasks, was engaging communication methods through challenges.

I would recommend Dimitris workshops, because it was refreshing and interesting on how the practise of mindfulness transpires definitely into the world of art.