Pisthetaerus (The Birds).jpg

Pisthetaerus (The Birds)

The artwork is inspired by "The Birds /Greek: Ὄρνιθες, translit. Órnithes (comedy play)" by the Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. It is something that I wanted to associate on the subject of the current situation of the pandemic that we live with the myth of “The Birds" of Aristophanes.


As a fable of humility, “The Birds” condemns humanity's hubristic belief that we can control the world around us. Building on the theme of man vs. nature, Du Maurier's tale rejects the notion of humankind as the master of nature, instead suggesting that any belief in human superiority to nature is foolish and doomed.

For the exhibition that organises National Theatre of Northern Greece (Κρατικό Θέατρο Βορείου Ελλάδος) in Thessaloniki with Greek artists from all over the world.