It was his proposal for a competition, about a collective exhibition at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. The theme was "Mediterranean Sea".


Making Love is a tribute to intimacy in the maritime world. The creation of these two fantastical pictorial stories, the paintings *"Illios & Thalassa" (Sun & Sea) and *"Medusas" (Jellyfish), are inspired by the beauty and strength of the Mediterranean Sea and the artist’s need to express the essence of love through the maritime world.

Maritime Museum, Barcelona, Spain


*Greek language

Illios & Thalassa (Sun & Sea)

130 x 97 cm acrylic on canvas The amorous fury of "Thalassa" in a maddened attempt to bring her brave and majestic waves to make love with her lover "Illios". At the same time, ‘Illios’ responds with his mane of fire, seducing and luring her with his power of heat.

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